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    Courtland is the father of Francis; however, Francis seems to have disowned him due to conflict they had growing up. He had previously been put in a coma in a fight with Francis and when he wakes up he wants the world to pay.

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    "The man in that hospital is the deadliest and most purely evil person I've ever come across, responsible for the most horrible things you could ever imagine. And a body count that… well, I think we've stopped counting. His name is Courtland Peirce. No one has ever been able to stop him, or even hurt him... until recently.”

    — Eric

    Courtland first appears in a flashback in Buzzkill #1 - The Problem fighting his son Francis, aka “Absolute.”

    It is unknown how he obtained his powers; however, they work just the same as Absolute’s, in that they can be activated by virtually any mind or body-altering substance.

    Character Evolution

    The Problem

    It was shown in a flashback sequence that Courtland was fighting his son, Francis, in the middle of a city. The fight had destroyed several buildings and ended with Courtland in a coma.

    Higher Power

    Courtland is seen waking up from his coma after Dr. Blaqk comes to Francis to help him.

    The Final Step

    He is first seen in a flashback sequence telling Francis that he'll never be a hero because of what he had done to his mother years earlier. It is assumed that Francis somehow killed his mother during childbirth and his father had been blaming him ever since.

    Courtland is confronted by Francis, Eric and Dr. Blaqk after he causes a portion of the hospital to explode and after he killed a plethora of the hospital staff with nothing but his bare hands.

    He torments Francis and begins beating him to a pulp before Dr. Blaqk interferes and tries to blast him; however, Courtland was too quick for Dr. Blaqk and ended up shattering both of his hands rendering him unable to aid Francis in the fight.

    Courtland continues fighting with Francis, throwing him through walls and out of the hospital until the two bring their brawl to a local bar. Courtland laughs at Francis and begins calling him weak when he discovers that Francis had been holding back from his true potential due to his ex girlfriend, Nikki.

    Courtland makes his way to Nikki's house and is confronted by Eric whom he easily kills; however, before he can get to Nikki he is blitzed by Francis and sent through several walls. Eventually the fight is brought into space where Francis decides its time to finally end his father and he drops him, thus causing Courtland's body to plummet to Earth where he is eventually killed by the impact.

    Personality & Appearance

    Courtland is a very gruff and hostile man whom is rather large, much larger than his son, Francis. He has similar long blond hair like his son; however, his build is much more muscular and he's never seen wearing a shirt. It appears as though he once possessed a supersuit similar to that of his son’s, albeit in black, but it has been badly torn and battle-damaged.

    He was a terrible father and told Francis that he'd never have what it takes to be a true hero.

    Powers & Abilities

    Courtland possessed the same powers as Absolute, though he was far more liberal in activating them through the use of drugs and alcohol.

    Eric, a member of the famed Command, stated that Courtland was the most dangerous supervillain he had ever encountered, and that he had never been defeated. High Guard, however, considered him to be little more than a coward.

    • Superhuman Strength - Courtland has superhuman strength; this may have come from drinking alcohol or from smoking a cigar.
    • Superhuman Durability - Courtland has superhuman durability; this may have come from drinking alcohol or from smoking a cigar.
    • Flight - Courtland displayed flight in his brawl with Francis.
    • Environmental Adaptation - During his final battle against Absolute, Courtland demonstrated that he was capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of outer space.

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