Court of Owls Maze

    Location » Court of Owls Maze appears in 25 issues.

    A maze, beneath or somewhere near Gotham city, in which the Court of Owls puts people to death.

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    The maze has been used by the Court of Owls to put people to death for what appears to be as long as the court itself has existed. Its walls are made of 'construction' marble. Notable features of the maze include:

    • a room full of wooden coffins.
    • a giant statue of a owl made of white marble that sits above a fountain.
    • various rooms containing models of Gotham throughout the ages.
    • rooms full of photos of people to have died in a maze, along with a camera.

    When the Court of Owls attacked Batman, and put him in the maze, he survived for 8 days with no supplies. Although he drank the water from the owl fountain, he believed it to be drugged. He eventually escaped by summoning what little strength he had left to beat the Talon in hand to hand combat before using the Potassium Chloride from the camera to create an explosion. The members of the Court of Owls watched Batman from above while he was in the maze, referring to him as a 'gladiator'. The maze is built above a large underground river.


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