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    Abandoned as a pup he was found by Muriel who lives with her husband Eustice Baggs, but alot of creepy stuff happens in Nowhere. So it's up to Courage to save his new home. - Theme of Courage the Cowardly Dog

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    Courage (the name of the dog) is the main protagonist in the show and has a level of Toon-Force. He also shows an ability to break the Fourth Wall (in every single episode). He is shown as a coward throughout the show but eventually forms enough "courage" to stand up to the antagonist in the show.


    Courage was born by two dogs of the same color as him, but were lured by an evil doctor, and, as a part of his evil experiments, shipped them off into space. Courage, as a result of trying to save them, was sent to the garbage container, where Muriel and Eustice Baggs found him and decided to raise him. (well, at least Muriel did) Eustice has shown to hate and dislike Courage as Muriel loves and nurtures Courage, and as a running gag in the show, constantly hits Eustice with a rolling pin, frying pan, etc. when he attempts to harm him. His family includes :

    - Muriel Baggs (Adopter)

    - Eustice Baggs (Adopter's husband)


    Courage is shown to have some incredible abilities even though he is but a simple dog. He can speak in English though he is not a human, he only does this when breaking the 4th wall however. He also owns a computer that appears to be omniscient and knows the answer to any of Courage's current problems. He also has an accelerated healing factor, and can survive nearly any blast. He's been turned to ashes many times though he always reforms back into his dog shape. Courage is also rather agile, able to dodge various projectiles and escape from foes at incredible speeds. Courage also appears to have shapeshifting abilities, this is most commonly displayed when Courage is trying to inform Eustice and Muriel about some sort of monster or enemy. Courage an also use his shapeshifting abilities to transform into weapons to harm his enemies. When in great pain Courage is shown to laugh hysterically and shrug it off.

    Other Appearances

    - Cartoon Network Action Pack

    - Cartoon Network Block Party

    - Courage the Cowardly Dog

    - Cartoon Network Racing

    - Cartoon Network Speedway


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