Countess Vladimira

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    Countess Vladimira is the daughter of Dracula.

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    Dracula had affairs with several mortal mistresses who he refused to turn into vampires so that they could bear him heirs. Vladimira’s mother was one of those mistresses.

    Vladimira was born in in 1837. She has lost nearly every recollection of her mother, who died young under mysterious circumstances. She was raised by governesses and for a brief time by her father, Dracula. According to Vladimira she has a mixed relationship with Dracula, very much a love/hate relation.

    In the early 1870s, Vladimira met an alchemist named Johann, who was another one of Dracula's offspring. Johann was much older than she was, although she does admit that he didn't look more than forty. Johann created a potion that, when combined with blood, would make their kind preserve youth indefinitely. Usually this type of drug, which is called the elixir seemingly works on half human/half vampires and not on full humans. She has to drink the elixir at least twice a week...otherwise age starts to catch up to her at the rate of one year every week. There are only a few who know about the elixir’s existence, and she does admit to keep the formula strictly under wraps.

    Vladimira has lived all over the world, but in the 1920s she made America her permanent home. After more than eighty years as an American citizen, she makes her living as a vampire personality for a horror show. Her loyal fans adore her work but none of them really suspect that she’s an actual vampire.

    Powers and Abilities

    Vladimira isn’t a true vampire by nature but half-mortal hybrid. She doesn’t have most of a real vampire's weaknesses. She admits not having blood thirst like many other vampires that drives them to be murderous slaves to their desire according to her. She doesn’t have problem with sunlight. Holy water, crucifixes, garlic have no effects on her.

    She admits that her mesmerizing abilities are a lot weaker than her father, unless it’s her ability to dazzle people with her beauty. She has inherited most of her father’s supernatural strength, stealth, and reflexes, and near-invulnerability. On the downside, she isn’t immortal. She’ll live for a very long time with a help of a synthetic serum. Vladimira resents drinking human blood even though she's aware that human blood can preserve youth.


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