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Desaad vs Piper. Desaad vs Omac. Darkseid vs Monitor. Red Robin vs Omac. Omac vs. the Challengers from Beyond and Mary Marvel, Holly Robinson and Harley Quinn. Karate Kid vs getting dissected! Piper vs Brother Eye. Whoa. Back up story: The Origin of Black Manta by Scott Beatty adn Mike Norton. Glub glub.

Piper manages to get to his feet and still has his pipe in hand. Inside Brothery Eye, he doesn't know where he actually is. He sees Desaad unconscious on the ground and notices a device in the palm of his hand. Hoping that it would give him a way out or an idea where he is, Piper pushes the button. Desaad's hand begins to glow and he jumps up, demanding that Piper plays his flute. Just then the OMAC that used to be Una comes in carrying Karate Kid. Desaad begins yelling at the OMAC that Piper is his. He tells him he can have all of Apokilips but everything that he has planned depends on Piper now. Piper is surprised by this. Desaad tells him that he found out Piper was a rare human that can be a vessel for the Anti-Life. He arranged things with the Penguin to cuff him to Trickster in order to physically and mentally break him down. The OMAC tires of listening to Desaad and "mutes" him.

Darkseid and Solomon continue their game. Darkseid is willing to allow Brother EYE to have Apokolips. He understands what the bigger picture is and which individuals can change things.

Back in Brother EYE, Jason enters after following the OMAC carrying Karate Kid. He is surprised to see the Pied Piper there. The Challengers along with Mary Marvel, Holly Robinson, and Harley Quinn are trying to find Jason even though Kyle would rather not. Mary notices that all the OMACS are just flying over them without giving them any notice. Kyle figures that after they consume Apokolips and become the planet, they'll be easy pickings. They find a way inside and are unknowingly being followed by Desaad, who wants the Piper back.

Now that Karate Kid is before Brother EYE, it is noted that his body is the product of a thousand years of human evolution. Karate Kid is an incubator for the Morticoccus Virus and EYE plans on dissecting him. Piper notices Red Robin has arrived by the device that is containing Firestorm. Unfortunately the OMAC also detects his presence. The OMAC goes after Jason with the idea of absorbing him while EYE starts the dissection. Jason manages to avoid the OMAC's blows and tricks it into smashing Firestorm free. Firestorm is not fully awake and Jason ends up getting blasted in the chest just as the others arrive.

The Challengers and company begin fighting the OMAC while Ray Palmer destroys the equipment that's started dissecting Karate Kid. EYE tells him the interference is temporary. EYE also tells him that the Morticoccus is now EYE's to unleash on humanity. Kyle manages to contain the OMAC with his ring. Ray notices that Brother EYE won't bring in the other OMACs inside out of fear of being damaged as Firestorm is now on his feet. Brother EYE agrees with Ray and teleports them outside via a Boom Tube. They are now completely surrounded.

Slowly, Piper tries to make his getaway only to run into Desaad again. Desaad once more grabs him and demands that he begin to play. He tells Piper that he can end the madness that surrounds him. By playing, he'll unleash the Anti-Life Equation. Piper begins to play and Desaad can't believe what's happening. He thought that Piper was completely broken down but instead, the music causes Desaad's head to explode. Piper tells him that was for what happened to Trickster. Brother EYE is next. He begins playing again and there is major destruction. It seems that Brother EYE has no choice but to retreat.

The Challengers now face an unstable planet as the OMACs are simply falling to the ground. Una is freed but doesn't know where Karate Kid is. The Challengers and company are ready to leave except Kyle is unconscious now. They need his ring in order to get out of there.


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