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The Countdown ticks down as storylines converge and collide — a Great Disaster is clearly proving to be unavoidable!

Why is the Justice League so unfriendly with the Challengers?

Plus The Origin of Bane by Scott Beatty and Graham Nolan.

Holly and Harley make their way back to Gotham now that they are back on Earth. It seems that the powers they were given by the gods are gone. The Challengers take Karate Kid's body to the Hall of Justice to see if they can cure or contain the virus in him. Ray tries entering but it seems the access code has been changed. Superman appears and informs them that they've never changed the code. He demands to know who they are and what they want. Superman doesn't recognize any of them. Flash and Hal arrive too after hearing the alarm. Firestorm suddenly arrives and teleports them out of there.

In upstate New York, Firestorm tells them that he tried going home but found out he doesn't exist there. They've all been erased somehow. As they try to figure out what they're going to do next, Una begins yelling that they need to do something to save Karate Kid. They soon remember that Cadmus has a secret facility near their location.

When they arrive, they find Jimmy and his friends. They also discovered that things were different and figured they'd all meet up here. Kyle retrieves Holly and Harley. Harley is in tears after trying to visit the Joker in Arkham, he didn't recognize her. Jason was too busy fighting some street thug so Kyle left him.

When they enter Cadmus, they are soon attacked by some multi-armed creatures. After they are taken out, Dubbilex appears. Jimmy is happy to see him. Dibbilex has no idea who he is but can read that Jimmy has known him for a long time. They soon tell him about Karate Kid and that he has the Moricoccus virus. He also senses that Ray has the curative serum within him. Una asks if he can save him. He says he would but Karate Kid is already dead...


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