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When a character dies in COUNTDOWN 51, it sets off an unexpected ripple that will touch virtually every character in the DC Universe.

The COUNTDOWN is on…so begins the end!

Jimmy is about to leave Arkham Asylum after trying to talk to the Joker about the death of his "daughter," Duela Dent. He's on the phone with Lois when Killer Croc, who is being brought in, escapes from the guards escorting him. He quickly kills one of them and heads towards Jimmy. As he attempts to slash him away, Jimmy's body goes elastic. This catches Croc off guard, allowing Jimmy to kick him in the face. Killer Croc thinks what he say Jimmy do is the result of being drugged up by the guards. He goes in for another attack but is zapped from behind by more guards. One of the guards tells Jimmy he's brave for standing up to Croc and wonders how he knew he wouldn't get slashed. Jimmy seems more surprised than the guard to find no marks on him.

The Monitors discuss the actions of the one that killed Duela Dent. He defends himself saying that she had to die. The entire universes depend on them and they must do their duty to protect it. He talks of the other loose ends out there and the possibility of another Crisis occuring. On the screen are images of others that are out of place and could cause problems, including Supergirl, the Legion of Superheroes, Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, and Donna Troy. Finally he says that because they shouldn't exist in the first place, it shouldn't be considered murder if they are wiped out.

On board the JSA satellite, Red Arrow watches over Karate Kid who is locked up. Karate Kid is happy to be able to get Roy worked up.

On a yacht, a man calls his broker and approves of money being transferred to another account. Then he proceeds to jump off the yacht. The Rogues (Mirror Master, Pied Piper, and the Trickster) are also on board. Pied Piper played a tune that made the man do all that. He is trying to prove to Mirror Master and the other Rogues that he can be trusted after having sided with Flash recently. Mirror Master somewhat trusts him now. Trickster figures out that Pied Piper could have easily hypnotized the man to be able to swim to shore without tiring out.

In Gotham City, Mary Marvel continues her search for Freddy or Billy. She was warned by Madame Xanadu not to go to Gotham. She is being chased by some members of a street gang. Mary has no choice to run since she cannot access her powers. She feels drawn to an old building and runs towards it. Even thought the place is run down, she still fees there is something to this place. She says she knows how Billy must have felt the first time he met Shazam. She says the name again but finds something scarier than she could imagine. The man chasing her is grabbed from up above and is torn to pieces. As she tries to keep moving, she trips over some dead bodies. The creature responsible for the deaths tells her they are the bodies of drug addicts, squatters, and real estate agents. They were killed for trespassing on his "solitude." He makes to attack her and Mary sees that it is none other than Black Adam, back in his uniform. Mary identifies herself to him, telling him to stop. Black Adam continues to move towards her.

Back up story

History of the Multiverse, Chapter One

A Monitor from each of the 52 universes are gathered together. They discuss the recent events and the action of the one that killed Duela Dent. Their main priority is to make sure their universes stay separate to avoid chaos.


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