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This year-long weekly series featuring a cast of hundreds kicks into high gear in its second month, under the watchful eye of head writer Paul Dini! See Mary Marvel undergo a surprising transformation! Learn why Donna Troy and Jason Todd are integral players in a cosmic chess game! And see Jimmy Olsen as you've never seen him before!

In Metropolis, Jimmy is talking to Lois about Clark being on scene covering the Amazons attack in Washington, D.C. Lois says she's more concerned about the dreams Jimmy's been having. She says it must be because he knew Lightray and was one of the first to interact with the New Gods when they arrived on Earth. Then Jimmy gets a message and mysteriously leaves to go check something out on his own.

In Gotham, Mary Marvel soars through the sky in a thunder storm feeling her newly given powers. Not only does she have the powers of the Marvel Family but also those that were bequethed to Teth-Adam by Isis. She has become more sensitive to magic and is seeking out pieces of the shattered Rock Of Eternity so that they don't fall into the wrong hands. She soon comes across five pregnant women on top of a building sitting in a pentagram. A demon by the name of Pharyngula, the Harvester of Stillborn Souls has been called forth. He grabs Mary and says he wants to eat her flesh and "suck the digested waste from [her] intestines."

In Keystone City, the Rogues are eating at a restaurant. A discussion of the downfall of the free market economy starts a fight when Mirror Master thinks Piper is calling him ignorant. Piper corrects him by saying he called him an "ignorant dirtbag." Piper says he'll never forget that Mirror Master killed his parents. Before someone else can get killed, Captain Cold puts a stop to the fight. Inertia is with them. They say it's time to get to work.

Back in Metropolis, Jimmy is in Suicide Slum. The letter he received said to go to an address here if he had questions about what happened to Lightray. He finds Sleez, a former aide to Darkseid living in an abandoned building. He asks Jimmy if he's missed him. Jimmy says he thought that Toyman had killed him but Sleez was able to survive the encounter. It is his hope to get revenge on Darkseid. Jimmy tells him to just get to the point. Impressed by his new attitude, Sleez is about to tell Jimmy that Darkseid can finally be destroyed. He is cut off when he realizes that "He's" here. The building is soon attacked. A bright yellow light appears as a voice says hello to Sleez. Then it says, "So begins the end," and Sleez is shot by an energy blast. Jimmy, once again, has no idea what the heck is going on.

Mary continues to fight the demon. It says it needs to eat to live. Mary is determined not to let it have anyone's soul. She knows she needs to send it back where it came from or kill it. She doesn't care which. She seems to be enjoying her new powers and strength. As she's about to deliver the final blow, a blast hits the the two of them. Pharyngula lies unconscious on the ground and the police prepare to get him bound as soon as possible. It is unclear what happened to Mary.

In Washington, D.C., Donna Troy sits on the steps of the defaced Lincoln Memorial. Jason Todd soon arrives to ask more questions about Duela Dent. She tells him it's not a good time but Jason says they seem to be out of time. He tells her that he saw who killed Duela. Jason says the killer wanted him to get a good look at him in order to put some fear into him. He tells her it looked a lot like a Monitor. Donna says that doesn't make sense and maybe it's the Anti-Monitor. She says the Monitor is a force of good. They don't kill. Donna tells Jason that she recently saw the Monitor and all he did was tell her she was supposed to have died during the recent crisis. Jason says that proves his theory. Duela wasn't supposed to be there either.

The Monitors are observing this conversation. They admit they underestimated Jason Todd. One says that they have sent out an agent to deal with them. Donna suggest they try to make a list to warn people that may be in danger. Jason says they should just worry about themselves since they're up against such a powerful force.

Suddenly, Donna is hit and dragged away by something moving at high speed. She is sent flying and goes crashing into the ground. As Jason runs to Donna, he is hit from all sides by an alien female.

back up story

History of the Multiverse, Chapter Four

The Monitors continue the story of the heroes of Earth.


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