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Blandest Issue Yet...Still Good just Bland

While I love the cover of the women in 52...the story seemed lack luster...

The Mary Marvel/Zatanna/Eclipso fight was quick and kinda dull...with Mary left alone not understanding what she had done that was so bad.

The Storyline of Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Bob the Monitor, and the New Atom is still boring and whoever this queen is that took them is stupid looking...I don't like her as a villain...

The Karate Kid/Triplicate Girl storyline had one interesting tidbit to do with Checkmate...but still dull.

Jimmy Olsen is not let into the JLA thank God. But I didn't understand how Superman can say he doesn't think Jimmy has powers...did he not see him with that Giant Monkey in I believe Action Comics last week...maybe Supes just heard Jimmy talking the monkey down.

Holly and the Amazons is looking to be rather stupid...I mean really the Amazon with a funny face on it...who do you think it is...maybe Harley me be wrong and have egg on my face.

I love Countdown and the death of the New Gods thing is great...just not here...the death of Knockout in Birds of Prey was shocking to me even though we all saw it coming...I think it is Infinity Man doing it...but I think I was led to think that...

The Origin of Parallax was not well done. Still all if forgiven...a dull issue everynow and then for a weekly series is not bad.

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