Countdown to Final Crisis #21

    Countdown to Final Crisis » Countdown to Final Crisis #21 - Down And Out... And Beyond! released by DC Comics on December 5, 2007.

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    Karate Kid meets an all-new/old OMAC at the Command D bunker! Jimmy Olsen crosses paths with Mister Miracle! Mary Marvel is taken to Paradise Island! One of the Rogues becomes a real drag! Things are changing for the Monitors! And…at long last…Ray Palmer!

    Plus, more DC villains origin backup stories, including The Origin of Granny Goodness by Scott Beatty and Jon Bogdanove!



    Last issue Trickster and Piper were being chased by Deadshot while riding a freight train. As they managed to throw him off, he fired upon one of them and apparently killing him. The other tried reviving him by using the "zap-cuff." As he keeps pulling and pulling, finally there is a beep. He hears an electronic voice state that "Subject B has been terminated." A fail safe has been activated and the cuffs are set to detonate in 24 hours. As he thinks about this, Desaad removes a piece from Darkseid playing board. As Desaad brags to Granny Goodness about his new level of authority given by Darkseid, she transforms and heads to Earth to mold her new Female Furies...

    Meanwhile on Paradise Island, the new recruits are continuing their training. They are being put through an extremely rigorous and potentially deadly obstacle course. As they run the course, Harley persuades Holly to take a little leave and explore a nearby cave. Unfortunately it is not unoccupied.

    On Earth-12, the "Challengers" still in search of Ray Palmer watch a futuristic sci-fi version of Batman fighting some street thugs. "Bob" feels that they are close to ending their search. They are then found by another Monitor. He tells "Bob" that the newly named Monitor of Earth-8, Solomon, has united them in saving the integrity of the multiverse. He says that Palmer is insignificant. Jason speaks up to him about how they are the ones trying to save the mulitverse only to be knocked out. He orders "Bob" to surrender and stand trial for Crimes against the Multiverse. They are at a standoff as the two Monitors begin fighting each other. Kyle and Donna try to help "Bob" even though he says it is not their fight. The other Monitor easily zaps Kyle through his power construct. "Bob" uses this distraction to take out the other Monitor. They make their escape as "Nix Uotan" vows that they will be found and stopped. They have escaped to The Bleed. "Bob" says he now knows where Ray Palmer is after hearing Nix Uotan's words.

    In Bludhaven, Firestorm takes care of the Atomic Knights giving Karate Kid and company a chance to escape into the bunker. They find a locked hatch. Karate Kid sets to open the lock as OMAC detects he is "in place" and activates the protocol trigger. Some soldiers report that there is a massive power surge in the storage hangar that houses OMAC. The general is going to order a red alert and picks up the phone. He is then transformed into an OMAC, along with many others. It is said that the "Morticoccus host is in final gestation" and viral release is about to happen. An army of OMACs set out for Bludhaven.


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