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Piper and Trickster continue treking through the desert! Holly and Harley discover who is living in a cave! Forager continues to try to kill Jimmy as they become more physical! Will another New God die? Plus, more DC villains origin backup stories, featuring this month The Origin of the Scarecrow by Scott Beatty and Kelley Jones! The COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS continues!

Walking through the Chihuahuan Desert, Piper discovers what a "drag" Trickster can still be. Despite Trickster's recent injury, Piper continues to talk to him. The heat is starting to get to him as the Trickster begins "talking" back. They soon surprisingly find an oasis and are able to get some water.

On Earth-51, the "Challengers" are trying to get closer to finding Ray Palmer. It seems this is an idealistic world. Liberty Belle is the President and Superman's identity is public knowledge. "Bob" is worried about the fact that they haven't been discovered yet by the other Monitors.

On Themyscira, it is reported to Granny Goodness that Holly and Harley are missing. The Amazon is surprised that Granny already knew. Those around her reveal themselves to be Lashina, Mad Harriet and Stompa of the Female Furies.

Inside the cave that Harley wanted to investigate with Holly, they find a stash of Amazonian weapons. Just as they notice signs that someone is living there, they are soon greeted by Hippolyta. They soon settle things before anyone is injured. They tell Hippolyta that "Athena" has been leading the fake Amazons. A hellhound soon finds them and Hippolyta easily takes it out. Knowing that it would have been a difficult kill for them, she suggests they take it back to "Athena" to show their skill and to explain where they've been.

Granny (as Athena) is impressed. She is further impressed when they tell her about the stash of weapons they found. They are to show them where the weapons were.

With the help of a burro that Piper was able to call up, Trickster can now be carried on its back. "Trickster" asks Piper why is he still dragging him around. He says if he were in Piper's position, he would've dumped him long ago. Piper doesn't believe that. That night, after Piper has set up a camp, he contemplates finally using a blade to get the cuff off of Trickster's wrist.

ON Apokolips, Forager is still trying to kill Jimmy after he freed her. He doesn't know how to stop her. He tries talking to her but it doesn't do any good. Thinking that he needs a way to get her to see things clearly before anyone else shows up and kills them, there is a sudden series of pings. This snaps Forager out of her killing mode and she is surprised to see Jimmy. She asks him about the ping and where did he get a Mother Box. He tells her that he doesn't have one.

Before they can talk further, Bernadeth (Desaad's sister) comes in ready to work on them both. Jimmy's powers defend them against Bernadeth. Unfortunately, the pain she receives only serves to turn her on. As she is about to strike again, Jimmy blasts the blade out of Bernadeth's hands. With his eyes glowing, Forager says that she recognizes the pattern in his eyes. She mentions her Mother Box again as a Boom Tube is opened and they make their escape.

As Bernadeth sits reeling from Jimmy's strike, a shadowed figure comes up claiming to be the Harbinger. Bernadeth recognizes him as he says he is going to bring an end to the Fourth World as his hand begins to build up energy.

Jimmy and Forager land in Metropolis. Forager tells him that she saw the Source in his eyes. Jimmy, still surprised that he managed to open a Boom Tube, wonders if he is turning into a New God. Forager believes he is turning into something more unique. Together in the moonlight, they begin to kiss.


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