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With the recent devastation behind them, the new Challengers return to our universe to face their next challenge. Also this month: a returning hero, a surprising future for Pied Piper, and Karate Kid fulfills his destiny.

Featuring the back up story, The Origin of Circe by Scott Beatty and Aaron Lopresti.


The Challengers arrive on Apokolips. Donna asks Ray why have they arrived there. Ray is still upset and says his work is destroyed. Jason tries telling him to get a grip. Kyle figures the Source must want them there for a reason.

In Metropolis, Jimmy is taking a shower as Forrager looks for something to eat in his fridge that doesn't smell like "leechspore fecal matter." As Jimmy gets out of the shower, he is surprised to see, written in the fog on the mirror, "To Apokolips."

On Paradise Island, Mary Marvel is pretending to be a slave girl. This isn't going so well as she is getting pushed around by some of the new recruits. Harley grabs her by the hair and pretends to be punishing her. It seems that Harley is hoping that Mary has some gossip from the outside world. Mary ignores this and asks here what a fury is.

Granny Goodness is upset when she hears about Bernadeth's death. Desaad simply wants her to provide someone to take her place. She tells him she has to take care of the ceremony and Desaad leaves in a Boom Tube.

Back on Apokolips, Solomon the Monitor is meeting with Darkseid. Darkseid tells him that they are near the end of their game.

Granny Goodness, under the guise of Athena, begins the ceremony to turn all her recruits into Female Furies. Mary can't stand for this anymore and disrupts the ceremony. Granny orders her Furies to kill her so Holly and Harley have no choice but to reveal their loyalties and help out Mary.

Before anyone is killed, Hippolyta arrives and takes on Granny (still disguised as Athena). Granny is surprised to see her there. When Hippolyta cuts her face with her sword, Granny's true form is revealed as she is shocked at being hurt. Hippolyta draws everyone's attention to Granny as she runs away in a Boom Tube. Harley, as crazy as always, figures they can't let her escape and jumps into the Boom Tube after her. Surprised, Mary and Holly figure they'd better go after Harley. Hippolyta stands before all the women telling them they need to talk.

Still out in the desert, the Piper sits still attached to Trickster's severed hand. He says it won't be long until he joins him. Suddenly there's a bright light (a Boom Tube) and Piper takes it as the "light at the end of the tunnel."

In Bludhaven, Karate Kid still isn't feeling well. Buddy Blank tells them it won't be long until Brother Eye uploads the Atomic Knights. It tells them them that it has discovered a world better suited to its prime directive. Brother Eye plans on going to this world. It plans on leaving Buddy, its creator and his grandson. It says that all other lifeforms are expendable. There is a huge Boooooom and not much is left.


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