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Apokolips is the place to be this time of year. Talk about tourist season. Karate Kid, Una, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd, Ray Palmer, Solomon, Piper, Holly Robinson, Harley Quinn and Mary Marvel all take a vacation from hell.

Plus a back up story featuring The Origin of Solomon Grundy by Scott Beatty and Tom Mandrake.

Solomon sits with Darkseid as Brother Eye and Omacs begin their attack on Apokolips. Karate Kid and Una find themselves there also. Trying to keep a low profile, the Challengers are getting restless. Jason says he's tired of hearing Ray's whining. When Donna tries defending him, Ray says he's right to be hard on him. He has no idea why they are there. They know the Source wants them there and Ray's the only one that can stop the "Great Disaster." They decide it may be best to find a way back home rather than argue there. As they prepare to leave, they notice that Jason is gone. He needs to get away from the others and hit something. He heads to where all the action is going down.

The Piper sits back and thinks that the "light" brought him to hell. He is still talking to Trickster about how cruel fate is. He decides perhaps it's time to simply end things. Removing Trickster's hand from the cuff will cause the band to explode. Before he can do anything, he is stopped.

Harley, Holly and Mary find themselves under fire from Granny and some of Darkseid's troops. Things get worse when the Female Furies bring the action to them. The trio actually manages to fight off the Furies and the guards. They're about to go track down Granny Goodness when suddenly Mary starts hearing voices of gods.

Jimmy takes Forager to get some reinforcements before they go to Apokolips.

Una undergoes a shocking change in front of Karate Kid.


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