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Things continue to heat up on Apokolips...

Back up story: The Origin of Harley Quinn by Scott Beatty and Bruce Timm!

Mary continues to hear the voices of the gods. She leads Holly and Harley to a giant glowing door. Harley is ready to try blowing it up with a big gun since she was all "zzzakkk" before with it. Still hearing voices and talking, Mary says she rejected the power. Then she says she'll try. She kneels before the door and whispers "Shazam." The Challengers, off in the distance, see the lightning that they recognize as Captain Marvel's. They wonder what he'd be doing there and go to investigate.

Mary has been reborn (again). The Gods stand before here freed from their imprisonment. They grant Mary absolution from straying momentarily from the light. Holly jumps in saying that they've helped too and should get something. Thalia is amused by Harley's feistiness and grants her a small portion of the cunning of Thalia. Holly is granted a portion of Diana's skill and strength as a huntswoman.

Karate Kid tries getting through the recently changed Una. As an OMAC, its prime directive is to terminate him. Jason Todd arrives and tells him she's gone. They need to destroy the OMAC. Karate Kid stops Jason from blowing it up. Jason decides to leave him then, not wanting to argue and admitting he's not so great at saving people. The OMAC tries terminating Karate Kid but its protocol has been amended. It tries, unsuccessfully to assimilate him again. It then takes him for an autopsy to find out why he could not be assimilated.

Mary, Holly and Harley catch up to Granny Goodness and her honor guards. They make quick work of her honor guard as she tries running away. Holly, with her newly granted powers can easily track her. They come upon her as the God-killer says the Fourth World is dying along with the extinction of the New Gods. After being zapped, there's nothing left but her smoking bones. Now without a mother box, Harley decides they can find another way home since they now have super-powers. Moments later, they run into the Challengers.

Dessad is revealed as the one that prevented Piper from killing himself. He tells him all of Apokolips can be his with but a song. He can channel the Anti-Life Equation in his music. Piper believes he is beaten and done for. Desaad removes the shackle and tells him he is no longer tied down. Finally Piper is about to play when they are ordered to "Cease!" The world starts shaking and Brother Eye calls out to it's "Father Bruce" that it is no longer a child but has now become a world.


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