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    A supernatural Gothic Victorian story.

    Only for those who like reading comics set in the gothic victorian time period, as the title suggests this is based on the original Batman Elseworlds story; Gotham by Gaslight.

    The supernatural parts involve vampiric man-bats, and ordinary Man-bat (Dr Kirk Langstrom)

    The artwork is decent, expected for a one-off segment of a brand-new series, the bats look closer to actual bats than in other Man-bat comics where he is drawn resembling a 50's wolf-man, or a flying gorilla. It is unfortunate that most of the man-bats scenes (lots of fighting) are stylistic silhouettes.  Which leaves much to be desired because you technically do not see the bats much, just black figures.

    Batman, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy and the rest are drawn normally, in the sense that only one artist has tackled this comic and even then, each page the characters do not change from distorted anatomy to regular  cutting-edge comic art styles.

    I can not comment on this comic for the Ray Palmer story line as this is the first one I have read, but I'm guessing that the others are about the same; a short story. But even though the vampiric man-bats are an odd twist (think the zombies in Arkham Asylum: A living Hell)

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