Countdown: Arena #4

    Countdown: Arena » Countdown: Arena #4 - All Fall Down released by DC Comics on February 1, 2008.

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    The issue starts with Monarch giving the Supermen one last chance for retaliation, but they know better by this point.   Monarch teleports them to the arena, and seeing the hole in the floor made by Quantum Storm and Captain Atom, realizes that he’ll have to take care of them.

    In the arena, neither the Red Son or Earth-31 Superman are willing to try and kill each other, but Christopher Kent tells them that in death, he will absorb their energy and should and use them to help fight Monarch.   The other two refuse that idea, and the battle starts.   The Earth-31 and Red Son Supermen go at it and soon plow through the arena, but Christopher Kent saves them before they are done in by the radiation poisoning.

    Back down where the prisoners are being held, Quantum Storm, Captain Atom, and the vampire-Batman fight through Monarch’s minions to try and free the prisoners.   Monarch himself shows up and vaporizes the vampire-Batman, saying that he planned for all of this.   He also reveals, right before killing and absorbing both Quantum Storm, that both Breach and the Earth-6 Blue Beetle were working for him since the beginning.  

    In the arena, the 2 Supermen decide to team up against Christopher Kent, who appears to be much more evolved then both of them combined.   Soon, Christopher Kent absorbs their attacks and turns into a being of pure energy, which he uses to his advantage and attacks Monarch, but fails and dies.   Monarch turns his attention to the 2 remaining Supermen, but is interrupted as the Captain Atoms from the remaining 50 universes enter the arena, led by Breach.   Monarch easily mows through all of them, finally killing Breach and absorbing the energy of all the Captains.   During the fight, Breach had a change of heart and gave the vest to Earth-31 Superman, who teleports out.   Monarch then declares the Red Son Superman the “victor”.

    Monarch teleports to the lower deck, only to find his minions unconscious and the prisoners gone, and   the only thing he could find was a large “S” burned into the wall.   Monarch declares this a meaningless victory for the Earth-31 Superman and takes his newly formed army to war.


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