Countdown: Arena #3

    Countdown: Arena » Countdown: Arena #3 - True Colors released by DC Comics on February 1, 2008.

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    Following the previous issue, Earth-40 Batman reveals himself to be a vampire, having been bitten by the vampire-Batman. He tells Earth-19 Batman and Apollo, the Ray of Earth-50, that he still retains his sanity and goes to get help. In the room with the other heroes, the Red Son Superman and Earth-31 continue to fight while talking about the vest that the Earth-22 Blue Beetle made that travels across different universes. Monarch interrupts their conversation to begin the battle between the Starmen. The ape Starman of Earth-17 is instantly vaporized by the Earth-48 Starman. He in turn is decapitated by the Earth-7 Starwoman.

    While this is going on, the Earth-40 vampire-Batman tells Breach to use the completed vest and go get all of the other versions of Captain Atom to help fight Monarch. He disappears and Monarch starts the next fight; the battle between the three Flashes. Johnny Quick of Earth-3 is quickly taken out by Jay Garrick of Earth-2, who tries to think of a way out of Monarch’s game. He is betrayed by the seemingly innocent Lia Nelson of Earth-9, who proceeds to try and kill Jay. She is taken out by Quick with a vibrated fist through the chest, who Jay attempts to incapacitate. Jay falls for the same trick as Lia and Quick is declared as the winner.

    After the fight, the heroes once again try to attack Monarch, but are unsuccessful. Monarch teleports the three Wonder Women for their fight while Quantum Storm and Captain Atom of Earths-37 and 38, respectively, go to help free the heroes who lost their fights, but didn’t make it into Monarch’s army. Back in the arena, and after much punches being thrown, the Wonder Woman of Earth-34 manages to break the neck of the Earth-18 Wonder Woman. The Earth-34 and Earth- 21 Wonder Women square off and after exchanging simultaneous blows, only the Earth-34 Wonder Woman is left standing to be inducted into Monarch’s army.

    Meanwhile, on Earth-13, Birgadier, the husband of Eve of Shadows, is seen being recruited by Breach and several other Captain Atoms to help fight Monarch.


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