Countdown: Arena #2

    Countdown: Arena » Countdown: Arena #2 - The Face of Death released by DC Comics on February 1, 2008.

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    Part 2/4

    The issue starts where the last left off with superman trying to rally the other prisoners Monarch then appers and blasts them and prepares for the next battle. He teleports Apollo, Ray Palmer and a Nazy version of Ray to the arena the fight starts almost instantly. Palmer then leads the Nazi out to be killed instantly by Monarch. With Apollo mind controlled into thinking Ray is Monarch. Ray has no choice but to knock out Apollo. Monarch apperes and teleports them both to be in his army.

    Monarch then teleports the blue beetles next. One is instantly killed by the other stripped to the bone and then the other blue beetle follows.

    The green lanterns are then teleported to the arena witht wo incarnations of hal jordan and one batman as green lantern. They block out Monarchs control forcing him to come to the arena. They all attack monarch at once having near no affect on him. Monarch then blasts off one of the Jordans arms. The batman green lantern then goes into critical mass and blasts monarch destorying his armour causing a shockwave blast that kills all but one green lantern.


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