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Count Flatyuloff is a character from the Fantagraphics comic, Poot.


Count Flatyuloff was created by Walt Holcombe.

Character Evolution

Flatyuloff kidnaps Mr Lovely
Flatyuloff kidnaps Mr Lovely

The Count used to be a lover of Count Stinkenpuss, but the two go through a bitter break up, and Flatyuloff leaves him for someone else after an argument. The pair then become nemeses.

After Count Stinkenpuss wins a cat contest with his cat, Mr Lovely, Flatyuloff becomes jealous and flies into a rage. He kidnaps Mr Lovely and flees in a plane, taking the cat to Mount Kilimanjaro. His intention is to throw the cat from the plan and into a volcano, to make Stinkenpuss cry. But when he ejects Mr Lovely from the plane, Stinkenpuss catches him. Flatyuloff then dies when his plane is shot down, and he crashes into Kilimanjaro.

Major Story Arcs

Count Flatyuloff does not appear in any major story arcs.

Powers and Abilities

Count Flatyuloff does not have any special powers or abilities.


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