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    Character » Count Abyss appears in 16 issues.

    Once an scientist and imperial researcher, Abyss turn his true nature to light showing he was a megalomaniac tyrant seeking to conquer any available realm.

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    The man that one day would become Count Abyss start his life fairly normal under the name Milo Abyss in a possibly other dimension realm know as Egolix-7. Milo was part of an archaeological team of scientist who explore a newly discovered spacecraft. None of his team mate were aware that Milo had grown tired of his poor salary and position imperial researcher, and that secretly he has studied all he could about the Zalgodian legends telling of a being with omnipotent powers who granted unlimited amount of wishes, the Zalkor. Bore with any discovery Milo was more then surprise when he found that the spacecraft belong to the Zalgodians, immediately he plot to killed the other scientist not wishing to share his new found glory and destroy the ship so no one else could find where he was going. 


    Major Story Arcs

    In the Route to Power

    Milo travel to the star, as he had memorized the star char that was in the ship he had no problem finding the crimson planet once home to the now extinct Zalgodians, he nearly give up in his dreams when he found a strange satellite orbiting the planet. Upon entering the long discarded satellite he once again meet with lifeless remains of the once powerful race until he fell into a dark hole. Emerging in the other side he found his goal, his dream the Zalkor. The obese green behemoth immediately asked for some Skrimblatt. Having study the Zalgodian legends; Milo knew what the Zalkor was referring to: the beta-metaphysic skrimblatt, a large leaf that the Zalkor was addictive. Normally it was the job of the High Priest to feed the immobile behemoth but he had die centuries ago. Knowing what was to be done, Milo offered the skrimblatt to Zalkor in return for power, knowing it would cost him his soul but that didn’t matter now. And so Milo was bonded to Zalkor and he was granted power, that power was the birth of Count Abyss.

    The Makings of a Count

    Using his new powers; that being anything he wish to, Milo christened himself Count Abyss, and when back to the greatest kingdom in Egolix-7, Egolix and easily conquered it making the most beautiful teenage girl his consort, Maya Teraxtola. When resistance who were loyal to the Teraxtola family royal line came to defend the kingdom Abyss killed most of them and turned the survivors into hideous monsters that he used as minions. Abyss ruled for a decade in which he exterminated other empire. While at first Abyss had no problem living without a soul, he eventually began to feel the lost of his spirit as no woman, drinks, or fool could satisfy him, and having conquered the entire universe he lived in there were no more challenges to prove worth his attention. He thought about making a wish to return his soul but that would make him lose his bond with Zalkor and his powers and he wanted both.  

    He studied for quite a while before coming up with a plan. From a magic tome he learn of the Infinity Gems and mostly the Soul Gem, he then utilized his powers to see who was in position of them, and found them in the 616-reality under the Infinity Watch who Warlock was member and also current holder of the Soul Gem. He informed Maya of his particular interest in the Soul Gem in that exact same moment Eternity told Adam Warlock he would face a soul-less man. Count Abyss send several of his minions to Monster Island where the Infinity Watch where and they easily beat most members their Infinity Gems didn’t work on them, until Adam Warlock use the Soul Gem to expose Abyss’s minion to by broken spirits. Abyss himself even briefly confront Warlock demanding the Soul Gem or otherwise Adam would have quite the rough time in the future but like all good cosmic lads he said no and Abyss retreated for now.  

    The Power of the Zalkor

    Using the Zalkor, Count Abyss had a love potion concocted to make Adam fall in love with Maya. Maya was sent to Monster Island with a prepared speech of how she needed Warlock's help to defeat the Count and take back her universe. Once they agreed to work together, they drank the potion and fell desperately in love with one another, even though Maya was told it would only work on Adam. He then kidnapped her in order to get Adam to come to his realm where Abyss is all-powerful. 
    Using the Zalkor again for more power, Count Abyss easily defeated the Infinity Watch and Darklore simultaneously and finally took the Soul Gem for himself. He used the gem to touch the souls of all those inside Soul World, enabling him to feel the things he had long forgotten since giving his own soul for ultimate power. This caused him to be in a weakened state, a state Darklore and Warlock used to their advantage.  
    With the Soul Gem back in his possession, Warlock transfered the soul of Kray-Tor into Abyss, causing the guilt of billions of deaths to consume him. He returned to the Zalkor, but it no longer recognized him since he had a soul. Using a talisman, Darklore opened a portal to another dimension and they trapped Abyss inside, claiming it would take him many years to return.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Incredibly powerful, Count Abyss relies on the Zalkor for much of his power.

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