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After battling with Thor, Kang was banished to limbo. Whilst there he stumbled upon an old skeleton of a time lord. In the skeleton's possession was a screen that displayed the time period that Ravonna had give her own life to save Kang's. Using this equipment he altered time so that Ravonna was also banished to limbo. In doing so, he begun a series of unexpected, but fortunate events. As Ravonna was not there to sacrifice herself, because he had summoned her to limbo with him, he died.

He then realized that in his actions of bringing Ravonna to his side he had created an abundance of divergent realities, containing many versions of himself. Assuming that these other versions were idiots (and more got created with every adventure embarked upon), he then decided that he needed to end this before the name Kang was eventually associated with the word "fool".

But there where two exceptions, two brothers that could not be disposed of by usual methods. realizing there true potential he enlisted them into a new team he created, called the "Council Of Kangs".

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