Council of Elders

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    Protectors of Eternia and guardians of the power of grayskull. they ruled since the time of King Grayskull and have almost immortal like status.

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    The original formation of the council of elders took place a millennium ago in Eternia's past, they were part of the court of King Grayskull and helped defend the realm of free Eternians. it would be after the death of King Grayskull at the hands of Hordak, that his power would be given to them until the day that great evil would return and a champion would emerge to defend Eternia.

    The council was given almost god like status on Eternia and acted as its judge and protector under extreme circumstances. though some of their initial problems were with power hungry wizards and another rise of the snakemen after their initial defeat at the hands of Hordak. the council with the help of the cosmic enforcer known as Zodack repelled the newly reformed Snakeman army. One of the major weapons of the snakemen during this war, was the snake god Serpos which was a colossal three headed snake. The elders encased Serpos body in stone and formed Snake Mountain. As punishment the snakemen with their King Hiss were sent to a timeless prison within snake mountain where they would spend eternity in a timeless void.

    Over many centuries the council ruled from the Hall of wisdom near the center of the light hemisphere and ruled almost without incident until the time of Count Marzo who would be the catalyst for men to come and challenge the council for their power. he raged a one man war against the hall of wisdom but was defeated by King Miro and as punishment to Count Marzo the council turned him into a powerless old man and transferred his power into an amulet, and hid it from him.

    It would be years later that King Miro's son Keldor who after years of isolation and training formed an army to attack on the council of elders during the great unrest. It was his defeat by his own half brother Randor who was self appointed captain of the guards severely wounded Keldor and chased him back to the dark hemisphere. and locked that part of the world off by a mystic wall. The council deemed at that time that Randor would rule over Eternia over the place of his father, and prophesied that a champion would appear to defend Eternia. At that moment they disappeared from the rest of Eternians from that day forward.


    The elders collected spirits and consciousness are gathered together in the orb of power, it is the secret of Castle Grayskull, and which He-man is able to channel the power from.

    The orb of the elders is under close guard from the Sorceress of Grayskull, a title that has been passed down since the death of King Grayskull. as a caretaker they make sure that no one comes into the castle unless they are chosen to enter. the only way into the castle without permission is to use the completed sword of power. but the elders split the sword into the two basics halves of light and dark. the sword would only work for the blood descendants of King Grayskull.


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