Council of Doom

    Team » Council of Doom appears in 4 issues.

    A team of supervillains with the sole intention of destroying Space Ghost.

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    The Council of Doom never appeared in comic books other than in the parody, "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" in the comic-book series, "Cartoon Network Starring" and "Cartoon Cartoons". However, The Council of Doom originally appeared on TV in an episode of the 1960's Space Ghost cartoon titled "The Meeting".

    Backstory: A few of Space Ghost's enemies realized that they wouldn't be able to defeat Space Ghost by themselves, so they decided that if they pooled their resources, they would be able to finally overcome Space Ghost.

    Members: The team initially consisted of these 6 villains:

    1. Brak, a space marauder who travels the cosmos looting and robbing people. He also has sharp fangs and an arsenal of dangerous weapons.
    2. Moltar, a geologist/scientist that can genetically engineered molten life.
    3. Metallus, a skilled roboticist who also has an armada of robots at his disposal.
    4. Zorak, a roving space barbarian who travels with his tribe pillaging helpless planets.
    5. Black Widow, has the ability to sling webs and has many spider-minions at her disposal.
    6. Creature King, has the ability to control animals with his mind.

    In "Space Ghost Coast to Coast", Moltar and Zorak were replaced by Tansit and Lokar when they became involved with Space Ghost's talk show. Around the same time, Creature King quit the Council of Doom so that he can run an AV store.

    Space Ghost captured by The Council of Doom
    Space Ghost captured by The Council of Doom

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