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Cougar being one of the Cat People hiding on earth, had a job as a scientist. Somewhere along the line he was exiled by other Cat People. He won the heart of a beautiful woman, and used her wealth to pay for his research.

Mayor Story Arcs

One day he saw a fight between Fantastic Four and Tomazooma, noticing how the null-bands were left behind he seized the opportunity to collect them. He used the bands to lure Thing and Tigra to him, and surprise gassed them. Having them in captive he revealed his plan: he was going to draw power from Fantastic Four to empower himself, and then rule the world. Suddenly Thing and Tigra are released from captivity by power failure. During the fight Cougar was shot by his fiance. She revealed that she knew who Cougar was from the beginning and also used him to bring her company back to its feet.

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