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The Cosmic Messiah was the idea of Alexei Ganger. He and fellow intellectuals believed the Silver Surfer to be the Cosmic Messiah. When the Surfer refused this position, Ganger decided to create his own. 
He enlisted the help of the Puppet Master to create a body for the Messiah with radioactive clay. Once complete, they supplied it with Power Cosmic stolen from the Silver Surfer to give it life. 
It was then programmed with the entire history of the human race. But even with all the knowledge of the planet Earth, it still needed a heart. They brought Alicia Masters to the Satori to help it just as she did the Silver Surfer. The Cosmic Messiah instantly recognized her, having all of the Silver Surfer's feelings and memories. 
When he was found by the Thing and the Silver Surfer, the Cosmic Messiah had already transformed all members of the Utopian society into pure energy. The Cosmic Messiah believed that this was the only way to save the human race from destruction. By returning all living spirits to the primal energy field was the only way for peace.
The Surfer disagreed with this and he and the Thing fought the Cosmic Messiah. The Surfer told him that people must have a choice. Eventually, the Messiah turned the Thing and the Surfer into energy and took away their individuality.
It was Alicia who convinced him of the error of his ways, and that if all were meant to be perfect they would have been made that way. The Cosmic Messiah returned everyone to their original state and left to explore the universe, and to find himself.

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