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Cosmic Hulk
Cosmic Hulk

The Cosmic Hulk robot is a by-product of the Cosmos Automation Program designed by Galactus. This program traveled the universe in search of suitable planets for Galactus to consume. It would find a host and compel them to build an artificial life form that would be a cosmically powered servant of Galactus. The automaton would then absorb any available spectrum of the Power Cosmic in the surrounding solar system for power and neutralize any defenses the chosen planet might have, streamlining Galactus' feeding process. Galactus eventually abandoned the program after several worlds had figured out how to use the automaton for their own means - usually sending it after Galactus himself. Galactus then opted for native heralds, empowered with a small amount of his own powers.


The program first found Professor Gregson Gilbert, who built Dragon Man out of the dataloop. The machine activated, but was deemed unsuccessful and required completion. The Automaton Program found the Mad Thinker, who designed the robot after the Hulk so people would fear it. Once built, the Mad Thinker locked it away since he could not recall why he had made it.

It was found by some engineering students who wished to use it as a mascot at their school. The robot absorbed a burst of energy caused by the Eternals and was awakened. It went on a rampage, and was not able to be stopped by the National Guard and some of the Eternals. Finally, the Eternal Zuras siphoned it's energies and made it inactive.

Fall of the Hulks

It was stored at Olympia until it was stolen by the Intelligencia. The Leader and MODOK reprogrammed it to follow their commands. It was recently reactivated after the Red Hulk accidentally siphoned off some of his cosmic energies into the automaton as he tried to destroy the machine. The Cosmic Hulk made quick work of both A-Bomb and Red Hulk before being called off by the MODOK and the Leader. The Cosmic Hulk was then sent to apprehend Doctor Doom in Latveria. Doom absorbed much of the automaton's energies, seemingly disabling it, temporarily at least. Skaar then appeared and attacked Doom, believing he was preventing Doom from killing his father. Doom quickly got the upper hand on Skaar and nearly killed him before Banner appeared and rescued him. Banner revealed that the Leader and MODOK had embedded a radiant neural anesthetizer (a 'dumb ray') which caused Doom to forget how to use his magics and armor defenses after he absorbed the machine's energies. Having completed its task, the Cosmic Hulk grabbed Doom and absconded back to the lair of it's masters.


Cosmic Hulk during Fall of the Hulks
Cosmic Hulk during Fall of the Hulks

The Cosmic Hulk absorbs any form of cosmic energy, which fuel its systems. It is incredibly powerful, even with only a small amount of energy charging it. It has the ability to self-repair, by absorbing more residual cosmic energy. The Cosmic Hulk can shoot Cosmic-powered eye-blasts, decipher and speak alien languages, and fly, as well as Hulk-like strength. He has easily defeated the Red Hulk and A-bomb.

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