Cosmic Egg

    Object » Cosmic Egg appears in 29 issues.

    The Cosmic Egg is the combined force of 30 Cosmic Cubes

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    The Cosmic Egg was created by the Goddess when she began the Infinity Crusade. It was created when she gathered 30 cosmic cubes from different realities and combined them into one force. This made the Cosmic Egg far more powerful than the Cubes alone. Since the Infinity Gauntlet had been depowered to never be used again, the Cosmic Egg was the most powerful tool in reality.

    The Cosmic Egg was used to create a group consciousness throughout the universe. The Goddess remained in the Egg, which she put deep in the center of the planet she had created, Paradise Omega. She was vulnerable while in the Egg, and created the Holy Guard to protect her.

    Her true plans were revealed in the end, when she attempted to destroy all life in the universe to rid it of evil. She was stopped by Adam Warlock and Thanos with the help of Professor X. The weapon was not omnipotent as the Infinity Gauntlet was and had weaknesses. Warlock was able to bond his spirit to the Egg and make her lose control.

    Thanos set the Egg to break down to the molecular level, causing it to explode and take Paradise Omega with it.

    Unlike the Infinity Gauntlet, anyone in contact with the Cosmic Egg could use it's power.


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