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Current Events

Corum Rath has been hideously mutated by the Abyssal Dark into a mystic monstrosity. But has since been purged of it, rendering another mindless marine form.


Corum Rath was created by Aquaman writer Dan Abnett and penciler Scot Eaton. He made his debut in Aquaman: Rebirth #1.

Major Story Arcs

The Drowning

Corum Rath is the leader of The Deluge, a fiercely xenophobic and traditionalist Atlantean terror cell that tries to attack Boston but is stopped by Aquaman. The Deluge recruits from the Ninth Tride or the "Ninth House" of Atlantis.

He is later seen as a prisoner in Atlantis, where he denies any involvement with the attack on the USS Ponchartrain.

Powers & Abilities

Corum Rath is an Atlantean and possesses their typical superhuman abilities.

Superhuman Strength

Corum Rath like all Atlanteans has some degree of superhuman strength.

Enhanced Durability

Corum Rath like all Atlanteans has some degree of enhanced durability.

Underwater Adaptation

He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep.


He is the leader of a militaristic terror cell.

Trained Combatant

He is a capable hand to hand fighter, being able to briefly fight off Aquaman.


Access to the mystic power of the Wellspring of Atlantean Magic enables Rath a vast assortment of spells & arcanum.

Mystic Mutation

Having been corrupted by it warped him into a twisted chimera of a seachanged mariner with a host of magical abilities.

Weaponry & Equipment

Animal Control Implants

Corum Rath has access to equipment that allows him to control Atlantean beasts.

Atlantean Weaponry

Corum Rath has access to Atlantean weapons and artillery.


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