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Corsar Thal was created by The Savage Hawkman writers Mark Poulton and Rob Liefeld along with artist Joe Bennett.

Major Story Arcs

The Savage Hawkman

Corsar, brother to Shayera and son to Thal Provis, was Thanagarian royalty. When the Thanagarians were all poisoned and lost their wings Thal died making Corsar the Emperor of Thanagar. He wanted to go to war using the Nth metal but it had already bonded to Katar Hol who fled to Earth. Corsar apparently died.

Shayera tracked Katar to Earth with the intention of killing him for his crimes against Thanagar. Once she captured the hero, Corsar revealed himself to be alive and tried to absorb the Nth Metal from Katar in an attempt to heal himself. Shayera realised the truth and blew up the ship, apparently sacrificing herself and killing her brother so that Katar and Emma Ziegler could live.


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