Team » Corsairs appears in 11 issues.

    A training group in the Xavier Mansion taught by Cyclops. Now disbanded.

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    The Corsairs is one of the many training groups at Xaviers Institute. They are taught by Cyclops. After Childhoods End, the group disbanded, but they still stay and learn at the Institute. The Squad's colours are blue and white and their team name came from Cyclops' father Christopher Summers as he was called Corsair while in the Starjammers.


    • Cyclops (Scott Summers) was the squad's advisor. Cyclops has the ability to shoot optic blasts.
    • Dryad (Callie Betto) has pointed ears like an elf and the ability to communicate with and manipulate plant life. She was depicted as a background character prior to being shown as a member of the Corsairs.
    • Quill IV (Max Jordan) can project out spikes from all over his body with great aim and at high velocities. He has been shown to be a troublemaker, especially after Gambit taught him thieving skills.
    • Specter (Dallas Gison) has the ability to transform into an intangible living shadow which grants him many superhuman powers. He was originally in the Hellions, but switched to the Corsairs and was replaced by Dust.
    • Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe, the three remaining Stepford Cuckoos were all in the Corsairs. They are all telepathic, but can combine their powers to become a massive psychic entity.

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