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    The Corruptor was a worker at a pharmaceutical company who manufactured psychoactive substances. He was exposed to the chemicals in a fire and gained the ability to bring out others worst tendencies.

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    Jackson Day was a factory worker at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specialized in psychoactive chemicals. A fire broke out at the factory and Jackson was doused with a mixture of chemicals. He discovered that the chemicals had affected his mind and body. His skin turned deep blue-black and was granted the ability to subvert the wills of anyone he touched.

    The Asgardian hero Thor saved Jackson from the fire and made skin to skin contact. This caused Thor to lose his inhibitions against wanton violence. Jackson called himself the Corruptor and was defeated when the fledgling crime-fighter Nova helped Thor regain his senses, but not before a brief battle against the two heroes.

    Day was then undergoing medical treatment when he reverted back to his Corruptor persona. He escaped and created a criminal organization called the Inner Circle where he planned to loot New York with armies of ordinary citizens under his control. Not knowing to him or Richard Rider A.K.A. Nova, that Nova's father Charles Rider was involved. His scheme was once again thwarted by the hero known as Nova.

    Character Creation

    Jackson Day was created by Marv Wolfman and Sal Buscema in Nova #4 volume 1, 1976.

    Story Arcs

    The Corruptor and his evil touch.
    The Corruptor and his evil touch.

    Corruptor would later resurface with plans to use the Hulk as his pawn. He resurrected the Night Flyer from the SHIELD morgue and commanded him to bring him the Hulk. The Hulk managed to turn the Night Flyer into ashes after he destroyed his hang glider. However the Corruptor was able to touch the Hulk when he was distracted and the green goliath was under his command. Corruptor also captured Rick Jones and his plan was to force him to summon the Avengers so he could subject them to his evil touch. However, Rick Jones sent out a radio signal with a shorter range and a group calling themselves the Rangers arrived instead. They fought the Hulk while he was influenced by the Corruptor. Rick Jones manages to help the Hulk regain his senses, causing him to transform back to Bruce Banner. The Corruptor was taken down by Red Wolf and Lobo and detained.

    Corrupter was hired by Imus Champion to distract the Avengers away from his salvage operation of an alien spacecraft. He disguised himself as the new Blue Diamond, who was in charge of security for the facility. He managed to gain control of the Squadron Supreme, who were at the Project Pegasus compound. The Squadron and Avengers squared off on two occasions, until Clint Barton foiled his plans with a sonic arrow that disrupted his image inducer.

    The Corruptor managed to escape to Japan but was taken down by Sunfire.


    He would be held in the Raft but managed to escape during Electro's mass breakout. Corruptor would join Crossfire, Mr. Fear, Mandrill and the Controller to wage war against the U-Foes after the breakout. Corruptor and the rest of the mind control mafia would be defeated by Spider Man, Captain America and Iron Man.

    London Falling

    Corruptor would later join a terrorist organization called RAID with other super criminals and strategically strike numerous areas in London. The Corruptor and the rest of the criminals are defeated by the combined forces of Union Jack, Contessa Fontaine, Sabra and the Arabian Knight.

    Civil War/Secret Invasion

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    The Corruptor would join the Hood's Gang during the split of the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. They would battle the Avengers on a few occasions and was later seen battling the Skrull forces during the Secret Invasion crisis.

    Dark Reign/Siege

    The Corruptor's powers and abilities are enhanced by the Hood when he is given the Norn Stones by Loki during the Siege story arc. The Corruptor and the rest of the Hood's gang are powered up and ready to hunt down some Avengers. The new Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers are spying on some HAMMER agents from a rooftop in Brooklyn when they are attacked by the Corruptor and the Living Laser. The Corruptor manages to touch Barnes while he was distracted and douses him with a psychoactive chemical. The Corruptor's power of influence is so strong that he commands Barnes to shoot Rogers with his gun. The Corruptor decides to have some fun and film the entire thing with his touch phone. Rogers blocks the incoming bullet with his shield and deflects it back to the Corruptor. The bullet hits the Corruptor which causes him to fall onto the Living Laser and is laid out.

    Wolverine: The Best There Is: Contagion

    For more information see: Contagion

    At some point Corruptor is captured by Contagion and his crew of Unkillables. He is tortured by being hung upside down, keeping him heated so he continues to make his psycho-actively suggestive sweat, that is collected for Contagion to use in his experiments. Corruptor is unable to do anything about his condition until he awakens unplugged. Wolverine is standing there with a now cured Contagion and informs Corruptor "to make him bleed". It is unclear what Corruptor did to Contagion but it can be assumed he made him bleed, a lot.

    Powers & Abilities

    Corruptor has the ability to subvert the will of anyone he touches. The sweat glands of the Corruptor's skin releases a highly potent psychoactive chemical that overrides the inhibition center of the brain with anyone that has skin to skin contact with him. The victim will act in a highly uninhibited, selfish or immoral manner and the period of "corruption" varies and is dependent on the length of contact with the Corruptor and the amount of toxin absorbed into the victim's bloodstream. The Corruptor's powers are enhanced by the Norn Stones and his power of influence over anyone he touches is much greater. The Corruptor is able to take over the mind of strong willed individuals with greater ease and less difficulty.


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