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    Corrosion was a Hydra agent operating under Catalyst's lead capable of secreting caustic chemicals from his hands. He was killed in battle with Sabretooth.

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    Corrosion is a mutate created by a HYDRA member named Catalyst and serves as one of his minions. Corrosion and Dismember are Catalyst's personal bodyguards and they would kill a man named Hendrickson who was an AIM sleeper agent that was placed in HYDRA's ranks to infiltrate Catalyst's hidden bunker. Catalyst did not know that Hendrickson swallowed a capsule containing a holographic schematic of his island fortress. Mystique and Sabretooth knew about the capsule from a vision Destiny foresaw. Mystique and Sabretooth had a personal vendetta against Catalyst and went after him. Commander Cypher of AIM attacks the HYDRA fortress and traps Mystique, Sabretooth, Corrosion and several HYDRA soldiers inside a room as it fills with cyanogenic gas. Sabretooth lifts Corrosion off his feet and forces him to dissolve through the wall before they are poisoned by the gas. Corrosion accomplished his task and Sabretooth kills him by choking him out.


    Corrosion was created by Jorge Gonzalez and Ariel Olivetti in 1997 and first appeared in Sabretooth and Mystique # 2.

    Powers & Abilities

    Corrosion is an enhanced mutate that secretes a slimy ooze from his pores that has acidic properties that can dissolve flesh and other denser materials like steel in seconds.

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