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    Volume » Published by RCS MediaGroup. Started in 1908.

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    The first Italian publication about comics. It was published weekly from 1908 to 1996.

    After WWII, its name was changed in "Giornale dei Ragazzi" (from May 27, 1945 to March 24, 1946), then back again to "Corriere dei Piccoli".

    In 01-1972 the publisher started to publish it as a supplement of the newly created "Corriere dei Ragazzi" until 05-1992, when "Corriere dei Ragazzi" and "Corriere dei Piccoli" continued as two independent volumes.

    In 1992 - directed by Maria Grazia Perini - changed its name in "Corrierino". The last issue was published on January, 1996.

    "Corriere dei Piccoli" hosted some of the most important authors of Italian comic book industry, such as Hugo Pratt, Benito Jacovitti, Gianni Rodari, etc., and introduced in Italy characters such as "il signor Bonaventura", "The Katzenjammer Kids", "The Smurfs", "Michel Vaillant", etc..

    Some issues were double, such as number 1 / 2 published the 12th of January, 1986 and followed by number 3, and number 17 / 18 published the 2nd of May, 1982 and followed by number 19; or triple, such as number 2 / 3 / 4 published the 22nd of January, 1982 and followed by number 5.

    Every new year, the numbering started over from number 1, so here the numbers are indicated first with the year of release, and then with the cover number.


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