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Corpus Colossus is one of the sons of Immortan Joe. He is physically deformed and is described as having the body of a child, yet his mind is advanced and he is capable of intellectual comprehension.


Corpus Colossus was created by George Miller for the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Character Evolution

Corpus Colossus is an arrogant and rude individual, believing himself to have power over others due to his status as one of Immortan Joe's children. This attitude changes when his father is killed by Imperator Furiosa and the Citadel revolts.

Major Story Arcs

Fury Road

Corpus Colossus is the one who spots that Furiosa has strayed off of the path to Gas Town, watching the war-rig through a telescope high up in the Citadel. He notifies his father who calls together the War Boys to mount a full assault. Due to his physical deformities and uselessness in combat he is left at the Citadel while the others track down Furiosa.

When Furiosa returns with the corpse of Immortan Joe he realizes how the tables have turned. His fate is unknown past this point.

Skills & Abilities

Corpus Colossus has an above average intellect among the other War Boys.

In Other Media

Mad Max: Fury Road

In the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road Corpus Colossus was portrayed by Quentin Kenihan.


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