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James Sharp is a medical student who became a bio-telepath, capable of inducing different bodily states on other people - vomiting, unconsciousness, etc. For some reason, his genetic alterations also gave his body a crystalline composition.


Coronarywas created by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley in 1990 and first appeared in New Warriors # 4.

Mayor Story Arcs

New Warriors

Coronary started a criminal career witch let him come into conflict with the New Warriors and more specific Namorita, whom shattered his crystalline form when she dropped him from a great height. He later reformed his body when he focused his power inward, allowing himself to control his own bodily state, including making himself intangible and having a minor ability to shapeshift; however, he has never fully restored his original humanoid shape, instead appearing as a roughly human-shaped form with jagged pieces jutting out at various points on his body. Coronary has gradually increased in size and mass since reforming his body; whether this translates into increased physical ability is unknown.

Civil War

During the Civil War, Coronary registers under the Superhuman Registration Act and joins the Thunderbolts Army. The Thunderbolts had to fight off cities filled with civilians who were suddenly empowered when the Grandmaster opened up the Wellspring of Power. The Thunderbolts were broken up into numerous squads and sent to various locations throughout the world. Coronary was part of the Beta squad which also consisted of the Bloodstrike, Smiling Tiger, Texas Twister and Pretty Persuasion. This group was responsible of maintaining order in Los Angeles.


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