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    Kako was a young Inuit girl and Aquaman's first love.

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    Kako was a teenaged Inuit girl who met and fell in love with a young Aquaman during his adventure to Alaska. They had an intimate relationship and soon Kako got pregnant to a son named Koryak. However, she kept this from Aquaman for many years until he had found out himself while trying to rescue Kako and her family from Ocean Master. Although, he was unable to save her from Ocean Master's wrath, Gaea, the Spirit of Earth, brought her back to life as a fire elemental called Corona.


    Kako was created by Peter David and Kirk Jarvinen as a supporting character in the Aquaman series. She makes her first appearance in Aquaman: Time and Tide #3.

    Major Story Arcs

    Aquaman: Time & Tide

    Kako first appears in Issue #3 of this story arc, depicted of trying to fight off a polar bear as a young Arthur comes to rescue her. She meets Arthur who adventures to Alaska after having learned about his adoptive father's disappearance and falls into a loving relationship. Kako soon becomes pregnant and keeps this from Aquaman for many years. Ocean Master then becomes angered with their intimacy and attacks Kako. It is then explained that Orm and Kako are related. However, Aquaman is forced to flee before he could learn that Kako had become pregnant with his son, Koryak.

    Aquaman The Waterbearer

    For more information see: Aquaman: The Waterbearer

    Kako is seen in a vision that Aquaman has just before being captured.


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