Cornelius Stirk

    Character » Cornelius Stirk appears in 55 issues.

    A delusional serial killer that feeds on people's hearts to survive and has the psychic ability to make people see him as someone else.

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    His only scrap of origin known dates back to his years in high school. Stirk attacked and brutally killed one of his classmates. He was taken to Arkham Asylum and was released years later. He then killed one of his doctors by torturing him and scared him to death. He then ripped out his heart and ate it. He then left him hanging upside down tied by a rope. He then developed a psychic ability and makes people see him as someone handsome: like Abraham Lincoln or Jesus Christ. He also came to the delusion that he needed the hormones in peoples heart to survive, particularly  norepinephrine.

    First encounters

    Batman first encountered Stirk when he had killed a man named Ed Hunt and dumped his body inside a car. A young boy who saw him putting a body into the car thought he saw Jesus. Later, two police officers investigating said Ed Hunt was last seen drinking in a bar with a man who looked like Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, Stirk kidnapped a poor man who lives on the street by using his psychic powers to look like Abe Lincoln. He then began to torture the man with a knife as Batman began closing in on him. Batman found an address from the files of the doctor Stirk murdered. He then headed there and fought with Stirk there. He was then sent to Arkham Asylum for further treatment.


    During Knightfall, Joker and Stirk teamed up to kidnap Gordon, however Stirk wanted to kill Gordon while Joker wanted something else. Stirk then used his powers to make Gordon think it was Batman who was torturing him. He tried to kill Gordon with a knife, but Batman intervened and stopped Stirk in time. However, Gordon was still screaming and Batman had to leave him there so his wife can take him to a hospital.


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