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Cornelia li Britannia is the daughter of Emperor Charles zi Britannia and a princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. She was originally head of security at the palace when Lady Marianne was executed. She later became Viceroy of Area 11 when she was older. Cornelia became famous as a brilliant tactician and warrior.


Early Life:

Young Cornelia with her little sister Euphemia
Young Cornelia with her little sister Euphemia

Cornelia li Britannia is the daughter of Emperor Charles zi Britannia. As a child, she was a dotting older sister to young Euphemia li Britannia, and remained very protective of her even as an adult. She and Euphemia were also rather close to their half siblings Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia during the earlier years.

Cornelia became the head of security for the Imperial Palace. Surprisingly, she was ordered by Lady Marianne herself to withdraw and disable security. Cornelia begrudgingly obliged. That night, Marianne was mysteriously assassinated and Nunnally vi Britannia was badly wounded, resulting in her becoming crippled. Cornelia enthusiastically investigated her death for years, but was unable to discover what happened to her.

Cornelia built up a feared reputation during campaigns involving the defeat of small rebellions in Britannian Areas - conquered states not given the same rights as Britannian citizens.

Area 11:

Cornelia became the Viceroy of Area 11 - formerly known as Japan - after her half-brother, Prince Clovis, was killed. Along side her was Euphemia, who acted as sub-Viceroy. While Cornelia was the Viceroy, she was primarily there to defeat the group of terrorists who would become known as the Black Knights. The intended to leave Area 11 in the hands of Euphemia after the danger had been dealt with.

Cornelia personally led many assaults on small terrorist bands in search of the masked rebel known as Zero - who, unknown to Cornelia, was her younger half-brother Lelouch.


Cornelia was known as a brutal and ruthless combatant and leader - however, she was very well respected amongst her soldiers. She was known for fighting on the front line with her soldiers and did not like the idea of her men dying for her. She also never liked to take glory from other people.

Cornelia wanted to treat war as an honorable deed, and detested unwarranted loss of life - especially civilian lives.

Cornelia, from childhood, was extremely protective of her little sister, Euphemia. When Euphemia was killed, Cornelia was in shock for some time. After recovering, she was on an insane bloodlust when she encountered her little sister's murderer. After that, she abandoned all royal ties on a hunt to find the secret to what happened to Euphemia.

Powers and Abilities

Cornelia was known for her skill in a Knightmare, fighting countless warriors and, even after becoming Viceroy of Area 11, preferred to be on the front line with her men.

Cornelia was also a skilled swordsman, often carrying a blade with her. She utilized a sword during her time looking for the source of Geass.


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