Cornelia Hale

    Character » Cornelia Hale appears in 104 issues.

    The second oldest and the 'material girl' of the Guardians, Cornelia fights evil as the Guardian of Earth, able to manipulate plants and the earth at will.

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    Guardian of Earth

    Cornelia, as the Guardian of Earth, she can control plants and their growth and structure and manipulate the earth and all related materials such as paper, wood, silt, minerals, crystal, gems, sand, mud, some foods like sugar and wheat, silicon, molten rock, etc. At first she thought her powers are lame only consisting on making plants grow to giant sizes and altering their shape but she discovers her powers were much more learning to create earthquakes, levitate and throw rock and stone, create trenches, and cause avalanches and mudslides. In the animated series, Cornelia happens to the Guardian whose power happens to dwarf the others but ironically, her powers are useless when she is not near the ground or there are no plants to control.

    The Guardians met Kadma, the former Guardian of Earth, when on an adventure in the dimension of Zamballa; Kadma had taught Cornelia the ability of green-speaking, the ability to communicate and sense the location of vegetation. Cornelia also has learned to manipulate certain types of metal that have a composition with a substantial amount of Earth in it.

    When the Guardians recieved a power boost from when the Oracle and the Council of Candracar deactivated the Veil causing the power used to sustain and create it to flow back into the Aurameres, Cornelia gains the power of telekinesis, the power to levitate and manipulate objects with the power of her mind. With her telekinetic powers, Cornelia can not only hurl rocks at her opponents she can mentally throw objects such as flatware, trashcans, books, people, etc. She can levitate herself also to gain limited flight powers, can defend herself with a telekinetic barrier, and fire pulses of sheer telekinetic power.

    She also gains a minor glamouring-shape shifting power to transform into herself but look like her Guardian self but without the wings, amplified powers or the costume but definitely the mature body and voice.

    Love Life

    Cornelia is a girl who usually hang-out with her friends who happened to be all girls. But when she started performing missions especially in Meridian, he met the leader of the rebels named Caleb whom she fell in love with. They experienced happiness with each other and loved each other as well. But after Nerissa's defeat, Caleb and Cornelia part ways as they look forward to another chapter of their lives as Caleb started serving her best friend Elyon whom he also fell in love with. When they met again, they discovered that different factors such as being apart and being totally different from each other. They decided to end their relationship and continue as friends. though, they cant help thinking about each other.

    While Cornelia, Taranee and hay Lin were in Redstone Institute as they part ways with Irma and Will, to perform a special task as exchange students, a guy named Rick Fortworth. A frisbee player who started courting her. Thus, she never agreed to have relationship with him and just ignored his feelings.

    Then, her ultimate crush Peter Cook, who is the brother of her co-W.i.t.c.h. member Taranee became more important for her as she found out that she is still in love with him. They started dating and helping each other since then.


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