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    Irish outlaw of the Third Crusade. A historical character created by Robert E. Howard...

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    Cormac Fitzgeoffrey is a fictional character created by Robert Ervin Howard, creator of Conan . He is a half-Norman , half-Gael, taking part in the Third Crusade . Howard wrote two short stories featuring the character and a synopsis that was later completed by another author: 

    Hawks of Outremer (1931) 
    The Blood of Balshazzar (1931)
    The Slave-Princess (unfinished - completed by Richard L. Tierney and published in 1979)

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    The Cormac stories have a purely historical setting, albeit one with a heroic theme. 
    Cormac, son of Geoffrey the Bastard - a renegade Norman knight - was born on or around the year, 1162. He is said to stand at 6`2`` and weigh around 210 lbs...

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