Cordelia Frost

    Character » Cordelia Frost appears in 80 issues.

    Cordelia Frost is the younger sister of Emma, Adrienne, and Christian Frost. Apart from being immune to her sister's telepathy, she has no confirmed powers.

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    Origin & History

    Cordelia Frost was the youngest child of Winston and Hazel Frost. She was shown to be incredibly rebellious with a total disregard for authority. As a teen she was shown to have drug connections when she procured some for her brother, Christian. She, like her other siblings, appeared to not care for Adrienne in the slightest. Cordelia also referred to her parents directly by name and tried to break every one of Winston's rules. When Winston was explaining which one of his children would be his successor, he said Cordelia was dark and devious

    Hellfire Club

    While in Samoa, Cordelia was saved by a mutant named Mondo. They quickly became friends but, Cordelia, wanting to become the Hellfire Club's new White Queen, kidnapped Mondo and present him to Shinobi Shaw as a present. Shaw wasn't impressed and, soon after, Mondo was stolen from her.

    Generation X

    Cordelia turned to her sister, Emma Frost, and Generation X to rescue him. Not revealing her actions leading to his kidnapping and being immune to Emma's telepathy, she convinced Emma to rescue him. While Mondo was freed, the truth about his relationship was revealed, and he teamed up with Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut to attempt to kill Cordelia. Generation X was able to protect her, but Emma had suspected the truth and told Cordelia to leave and never come back.

    Return to the Inner Circle

    Cordelia did not appear in person, but was mentioned as being a part of the latest Inner Circle that features other young sociopaths, villains, and relatives of former Inner Circle members.


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