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    Copperhead was an agent of Viper's who served on the Serpent Society for a brief period of time.

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    One of Viper's aides, Copperhead posed as the leader of the new Serpent Squad to get the attention of Sidewinder, leader of the Serpent Society. After a chain of robberies in Las Vegas, the group succeeded, and they were teleported out of prison after a battle with Captain America. When Viper put her plan in motion, Copperhead led Cobra and Boomslang in poisoning the water supply of Washington D.C. However, Copperhead was quickly defeated by Captain America and taken to prison.

    After Viper abandoned the group, Copperhead stayed for a brief period of time, joining Diamondback and Fer-de-Lance on one mission. However, when Cobra took over leadership, not being on great terms with him, Copperhead left the group and has not been seen since.


    Copperhead was created by Mark Gruenwald and Tom Morgan in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America # 337.   

    Story Arcs

    • Secret Invasion

    Copperhead reappeared with some members of the Serpent Society during the Secret Invasion when they barricaded themselves inside a compound in Danzig, Ohio along with thirty hostages. Copperhead told the media to leave them alone and didn't trust anyone because they may be Skrulls. The Nova Corps comes into the compound low and ultrasonic fast. The Serpent Society are taken down without a fight and Copperhead is knocked out by Nova. Copperhead and the rest of the Serpent Society are taken in by the FEDS and placed into custody.   

    Abilities & Paraphernalia

    Copperhead wears gloves that allow him to shoot energy from his fingers and reloads with his venom-cartridges that are attached to his belt. 



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