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    Coop is a Cupid and the husband to Phoebe Halliwell

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    Background Information

      Coop is a Cupid.  A Cupids main mission is to help people find love, but are not allowed to fall in love.  
    Coop was assigned by the Elders to help Phoebe Halliwell with love, since she had given up hope of ever finding true love after so many failed relationships. Coop showed Phoebe a selection of men who had played large romantic roles in her life (Cole Turner, Dex Lawson and Drake de Mon, to name a few). She learnt to love because of this. Soon they began to develop feelings for each other but it was a forbidden love, much like Witches and their Whitelighters.  Although Coop had obviously fallen for Phoebe he continued to try and find her the perfect man, until she let him know that he was the one she wanted to be with.  
    Phoebe and Coop were allowed to wed due to everything Phoebe has done through the years as a Charmed One to benefit the greater good. They were married at Magic School by the Angel of Destiny.  
    Interesting fact:
    When Phoebe travelled back in time and had the intial of her true loves name revealed, it was a “C” which was thought to stand for Cole. But in actuality it stands for Coop, although he is not introduced into the series for quite some time.    

    Victor Webster portrayed Coop in 7 episodesof the 8 season of the CW’s “Charmed”.    


    Powers & Abilities

    As a Cupid, Coop has quite a few powers and abilities. He possesses immortality and is capable of suggestion, sensing, and empathy. He also harnesses the gift of Beaming, which is quite like Fading, yet it has a pink aura and a heart shape appears before you actually enter the room you are teleporting in to. 

    Coop’s Ring

    All Cupids posses a ring that is capable of Chronokinesis which gives the wearer the ability to manipulate time, which is ideal for a Cupid to place thoughts of love into the hearts and minds of the people they are trying to assist. The ring can also read a person’s heart which allows the cupid wearing it to sense their feeling and weather they are open to love or not.


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