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Cookee was created by Myers from his cookbook of spells, made from scratch by the gluttons baker to be his object of love she was formed of batter and brought to life once emerging from her “birth oven,” adorned with peppermint eyes and clothed her with strawberry and vanilla icing.

Cookee shortly after her creation as Myers love object
Cookee shortly after her creation as Myers love object

During the first few hours of her life the baker witch repeatedly frosted her and then cleaned her until her has satisfied his appetite and provided the perfect outfit for her.

The baker witch promised to teach his beautiful cookie creation about love and she was enchanted with him, but in a short time the baker became neglectful, gluttons and Cookee became jealous of the other cookies her ate. Watching Myers, sitting in front of the television watching zombie movies, consuming bag after bag of cookies and saying how much he loved them.

The pink haired Cookee developed a warped sense of what it was to display affection. Believing it was her purpose to show her creator love she did so in the only way she had seen… by consuming the object of her devotion. Sinking her teeth into Myers flesh, proud to show him how much she had learned about love, she devoured his entire body leaving only a few crumbs as streams of his blood flowed from her mouth down her body.

He was her first 'love" a word that became synonymous with consuming flesh for her.


Cookee was created by Jim Balent for the Tarot Halloween issue #16 in September of 2002.

Character Evolution

Night of the Ginger-Dead Men

After ensnaring Tarot and her sister Raven Hex in chocolate and and tying up three tick-or-treaters Cookee starts to decorates her two paralyzed witches with frosting preparing to bake them and “love” them, the way she was taught by her creator. As the two witches inch closer and closer to the bakers over one of the trick-or-treaters, 13 year old Steven Gurkwin, who is dresses as Garry Hotter, a young wizard in a scarf and round glasses (obviously a Harry Potter spoof) slips his bonds and bravely tries to free the witches.

Cookee explains the binding spell over the house has made the young wizards magic useless but her still persists with his wand, getting closer and closer until he pokes out one of Cookee’s peppermint eyes. As she runs away Steven retrieves the Black Rose Sword and prepares to cut the witches free.

Returning with her army of gingerbread zombies, the one eyes cookee commands the undead deserts to devour the witches but leave the young wizard for her. Steven places himself between the attacking zombies and his witches in order to protect them but it’s Tarot and Raven who must slash and kick thru the gingerbread attackers.

While the witches are busy fighting Cookee picks up the boy;

“You hurt me, wizard my face is not pretty anymore. But I forgive you. And do you know why…? Because I love you!”

She brings the boy towards her mouth but just then Tarot swings the Black Rose Sword slashes through her torso cutting her in two. Cookee falls to the floor dead.


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