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Brainiac to the rescue

As usually happens in this type of events this issue felt rushed as it contained more story development than the other 7 issues combined and thus, its ending is a complete confusing and disappointing chaos.

During the events of this issue we have: the death of forgettable villain, the change of heart of some villains, the return of a villain, the introduction of a new hero, the reboot of a series, and yet, I feel that it accomplished nothing of importance. I discuss more about this points later on

In the end this I cant recommend this event to anyone except for those that want to know what happened to the Earth 2 characters after World's End and yet I think that what happened here will be explained as flashbacks or something during the firsts issues of Society. Also it was stated since the beginning that the purpose of this event was to open the door to the possibility of telling stories involving any time period or alternate universe characters and sincerely I cant tell why they couldn't do that before since I don't notice any change to the alternate realities introduced in Multiversity

The only thing that made me happy about all this is the return of Booster Gold to the main universe

Now, concerning the story's developments (containing spoilers):

- After Parallax killed Deimos in the last issue and everyone was worried because this unleashed his power absorbed from the time travelers, I thought that he would return in a new form....but that didn't happen thus confirming his lame death

- Then as the multiverse collapses for some reason, we get the addition of Waverider to the roster of DC characters, however to understand his origin and how cool he is you must read the Booster Gold convergence and future's end tie-ins. However, his involvement in the plot is very bad executed as he appears out of nowhere, brings back Brainiac because he says is the only way to save the multiverse and immediately leaves without a trace

- At the same time, Brainiac's appearances in the event was very lackluster. We first saw him at the end of issue 4 when Deimos brought him from wherever he ended at the end of Future's End storyline and I thought that would be a game changer for Convergence but it was just a tease by Deimos that ultimately caused Deimos to turn good; but at the end when Waverider brought him back, he went on a monologue about his history and I'm not entirely sure why he ended up saving the multiverse, if it was because he turned good or if he was still evil but didnt want to die

- And just when Brainiac is about to save the multiverse and send everyone home it seems that he cant do it unless he send the heroes from COIE back and I didnt understand if it was to let it happen as it occurred originally (unlikely since he sens Parallax to help them too) or to prevent it from ever happening

- As the COIE heroes succeed in their mission, the different earths we know from the multiversity map are saved/created. This confused me since during the main Convergence story we saw Deimos destroy some of the cities and their characters like the Injustice, Just Imagine and Western JL; how could he restore them to their earths if they are dead?

- Finally when everybody else is gone, the Earth 2 heroes who don't have an earth to come back are rewarded by Telos for helping him by transporting the Convergence world to their universe and turn it into their new earth

- The characters of Earth 0 did absolutely nothing, despite the fact that the solicitations clearly stated that they entered the fight

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