Controller's Armor

    Object » Controller's Armor appears in 11 issues.

    The exo-skeletal armor that the Controller wears that enables him to perform superhuman feats. It also allows him to move in general as without it the Controller is paralyzed.

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    The Controller's power suit is an exoskeleton that has been micro-surgically grafted to his body. It provides mobility and enhanced physical attributes in geometric progression to the number of victims wearing slave discs. Among these attributes are the following:

    Strength: Under normal circumstances the suit allows the Controller to lift approximately one ton of weight, with all the implications thereof. eg: The Controller can easily beat a normal human to death, throw him into walls, crush metal and stone, etc. At full power the Controller has been known to lift up to 50 tons of weight. The strength associated with this has impressed even Captain Marvel, who once described the Controller's punches as almost enough to decapitate him.

    Durability: As an exoskeleton, the power suit provides the Controller with substantial amounts of added durability. While not bulletproof, the suit allows the Controller to brush off many attacks that a normal human would not be able to withstand. In particular, he is strong against blunt force and impact damage. By draining more slave discs, he can enhance this ability, notably in order to withstand full blast damage from Iron Man.

    Stamina: The suit is significantly more efficient than normal human musculature, allowing the Controller to work at maximum output for several hours before experiencing fatigue.

    Mental Blast: The headpiece of the suit can project a bolts of pure energy, likely converted from the harvested mental energy of his victims.

    Flight: While the Controller has occasionally exhibited the ability to levitate, his primary means of flight are a pair of jet-boots built into the power suit. It is estimated that he can fly up to 10 mph.


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