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Every comic book fan should own some Eisner.

(Sorry for my lack of reviews as of late. This review was written entirely from my phone so any odd formatting and peculiar typos are because of that!) Will Eisner is a bonafide comic book legend. There's a couple of reasons why but it could really but summed up as "The man was just damn good at his job." A contract with God is called the first graphic novel. Whether or not that's true is something I'm not entirely sure of, but for a boom from 1978 it's aged well on all fronts. It contains about four stories all centered around a tenement on Dropsie Ave. They're all interesting looks at life back then with interesting (and very, very flawed characters) who all have their own struggles. The art is simple, effective and looks rather nice. You can clearly tell what Eisner is trying to show us, the readers. It's not colored which is kind of disappointing but for an uncolored comic it looks pretty great. It's not a flawless comic but when you take everything into account this is a must buy book.

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