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    The Contemplator is an Elder of the Universe from the Coal Sack Nebula. He has spent eternities in contemplation developing the powers of his mind and spirit.

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    The Contemplator is one of the Elders of the Universe. He has an extremely strong mind that extends into the infinite. He can travel in an astral form.

    He assisted the Elders through his astral form in a plot to kill Galactus but they failed. He was not present at the attack on Galactus. Nova and the Silver Surfer were sent to bring him back to Galactus. He was being hidden by Reptyl in the Coalsack Nebula when they found him. After all the trouble he caused, Reptyl apparently killed and ate him.

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    This only killed his body and his mind was left to travel in he astral plane. His deformed, mutilated head remained his only body. He chose to show only his astral form afterward. His plan to get his revenge on Reptyl caused him to join the Kree in the Kree-Skrull War. But his plans went much deeper than revenge. Unknown to everyone he was manipulating situations. He manipulated Clumsy Foulup, a pirate, to kill Reptyl and betray him. He also made this man a hero to all pink skinned Kree, causing discourse between the blue and the pink Kree.

    Contemplator was present on the planet Godthab Omega when it was attacked by the Annihilation Wave. Possibly led there by the activities and actions of the being Glorian.

    Meanwhile, he was working on the Supreme Intelligence and reforming it's mind. He basically reactived him with his mind, essentially a second Contemplator linked to his mind. He planned to have the Supreme Intelligence return as Supremor, but with himself actually in charge of the empire. He planned to give Clumsy great power in the empire. But Clumsy betrayed him to the Cotati, to become the emperor himself. The Cotati proved to have greater psychic powers and drove the Contemplator mad.

    Having recovered, Contemplator discovered that an entity was travelling around the universe claiming to be him and acting very much of their own accord. This was disturbing to the Contemplator. On a chance encounter with Quasar he relayed his concerns to the Protector of the Universe. Who later found by chance that the being disguising himself as the Contemplator was in fact a Skrull who attempted to steal the Quantum-Bands (managing to steal one of them when Quasar had died during the Infinity War). In the contest of wills over the bands, Quasar blew off the Skrull's arm and reclaimed the bands. The imposter was then turned over the authorities.

    Character Evolution

    The Contemplator, otherwise known as Tath Ki originally started off as slim and svelte figure but his depiction through out his publication history has seen him fluctuate in shape and size. Most likely due to his nickname as Mister Buda, possibly giving artists the idea of making him more portly and rotund in shape to mimic the look of Maitreya Buddha, another figure typified for his enlightened and mediative aura and nature.

    At some point it was established that Contemplator has an impostor who turned out to be a type of Skrull. Such a character helped rebalance the original characterization of the authentic Contemplator as a pacifist who avoided violent acts and plots in direct contrast to many of his fellow Elders of the Universe.


    The Contemplator was created by Jack Kirby, as well as Herb Trimpe, John Romita, and Barry Windsor Smith. This Elder of the Universe first appeared in Marvel Treasury Special Captain America's Bicentennial Battles published in 1967. His impostor first appeared in Silver Surfer VOL 3 # 4.

    Powers and Abilities

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    The Contemplator is an Elder of the Universe and as such incredibly ancient. He can wield and channel the power and energy of the The Power Primordial much like many of the other Elders. Like many of the other Elder's, Tath Ki has a special discipline in which he has chosen to hone specifically, and he has devoted much of his time and energy to enhancing his ability to think, and process, mediate. Among his various other mental disciplines and mental abilities include such abilities as telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, levitation, astral projection, precognition, teleportation. It has been hinted and suggested that The Contemplator may still have many other powers yet.

    Tath Ki is immune to aging, and most conventional types of disease and illness, and his intense meditative concentration has allowed him to gain complete dominion over his own body to even the slightest of nuisances and habits. Precise control over such aspects, as his own heartbeat, breathing, pain systems, nervous systems and perspiration. Despite his focus and emphasis on mental pursuits, Tath Ki can use this to aid and augment his physical nature, and as such does display great speed, agility and strength as well as durability. On occasion The Contemplator will use a device known as an Energy Pyramid to aid his endeavors.

    The Contemplator is also a pacifist and so not prone to using any of his skills in physically violent acts or actions.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 5'

    Weight: 100 lbs.

    Hair: None

    Eyes: Blue


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