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Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Contagion

Winsor along with his Unkillable are in Bayou Country to dredge Harry Sikes out of his quicksand tomb. Winsor then goes back to his headquarters where he is throwing a party and infecting the party goers with gas concocted from the captured and tortured Corruptor's sweet. This is where he meets Wolverine in person for the first time.

Later when Wolverine tries to track him down, Winsor uses his Unkillables to weaken Wolverine to the point that Marjorie Brink, armed with more Corruptor sweat can get Wolverine in the lab and asleep. Contagion then sets the stage for Wolverine to awaken. Once awake Contagion gives Wolverine an ultimatum. Kill Flip, his son and go free or stay and be Contagion's lab rat until he can find a cure for Flip. Wolverine agrees to the later.

Over the next couple of days Contagion watches and cataloged the effects as his Unkillables do their best to try to kill Wolverine. Then taking matters in his own hands Contagion infects Wolverine with some of the worse viruses he can come up with. But then Flip turns on the team and makes Wolverine realize Contagion is merely using him to do evil, and Wolverine goes after Contagion personally.

When Wolverine finally catches Contagion, he infects him with Corruptor sweat and orders him to cure himself. Now not dangerous at all, Wolverine then leaves Contagion in a room alone with the Corruptor, for him to get revenge on the man who used him.


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