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    The engineers and architects of the Decepticons' schemes, the Constructicons double as a powerful trump card in any battle when they combine to take the form of Devastator.

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    IDW Publishing Continuity

    Long ago, the Constructicons would be the ones who would build the arenas in which the underground gladiatorial games in the city of Kaon took place. As a result of their method of building the arena on site instead of shipping materials to the area, they always managed to avoid being tracked. The Constructicons would also be among the first to join Megatron during the creation of the Decepticons.

    They would not appear again, however, until Megatron would make his move to take over Earth. They had gained the ability to combine into one being - Devastator - and as a result of this new ability, the Decepticons were able to easily defeat the Autobots in a battle which the Autobots had been lured into as a trap. The Autobots were then all forced through the space bridge back to the dead world of Cybertron.

    With the Autobots out of the way, the Decepticons would go to Earth, and their invasion would be started by the Constructicons surprise attack on New York City. Combined as Devastator, they would also destroy all bridges and tunnels connecting to New York to cut off any support to the city. They then began to use the materials on Earth to construct a large palace for Megatron in the middle of New York City.

    However, soon after the Decepticons had taken over most of the Earth, the Constructicons would reveal that they are starting to become more loyal to Starscream and they would battle Megatron. The fight would not last long because shortly afterward, the humans start fighting back, followed by the Autobots finally returning to Earth. The Constructicons would combine into Devastator in the battle, but the Autobots were prepared this time with Omega Supreme, who would ultimately take Devastator down.

    Combiner NameVehicle ModeRole in Group
    ScrapperFront LoaderLeader, Right Leg of Devastator
    HookDiesel CraneSecond in Command, Head and Shoulders of Devastator
    BonecrusherBulldozerLeft Arm of Devastator
    ScavengerExcavatorRight Arm of Devastator
    MixmasterCement MixerRight Leg of Devastator
    Long HaulMining Dump TruckLower Torso of Devastator

    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

    The Constructicons are a group of Decepticons that take the form of various construction vehicles, many sharing alt-modes, body-types and even names. Unlike previous continuities, it seems as if only some of the Constructicons are combiners. Not all of them combine to form into Devastator.

    Devestator can be formed from six, seven, or even nine Constructicons. Devastator gets larger and more powerful depending how many Constructicons are used to make his form. With all nine he is so large that his body cannot support itself forcing him to lumber on all fours.

    Devastator is a tormented being, his very formation wracking his component Constructicons with pain and stressing them to the breaking point both physically and mentally. The imperfect fusion process produces a mind that's very much less than the sum of its parts; rage and pain are all he knows, pushing aside whatever intelligence he might possess. Devastator relies on almost pure instinct in battle.

    Devastator is named after Cybertron's destructive Devastator Winds. Devastator creates powerful gravity wells by generating an artificial black hole within his Vortex Grinder, located in his mouth. Nearby objects are drawn into his mouth to be crushed.

    Combiner NameVehicle ModeRole in Group
    ScrapperWheel LoaderRight Arm of Devastator
    HookDiesel CraneReplaces Hightower as Left Arm (Toy)
    BonecrusherBulldozerReplaces Rampage as Left Leg (Toy)
    ScavengerExcavatorTorso of Devastator
    MixmasterCement MixerHead of Devastator
    Long HaulGreen Dump TruckRight Leg of Devastator (Toy), Himself (Movie)
    HightowerCrane w/ Wrecking BallLeft Arm of Devastator (Movie)
    RampageBulldozerLeft Leg of Devastator (Movie)
    OverloadArticulated Dump TruckLower Waist of Devastator
    Contructicon WarriorYellow/Green Dump TruckRight Leg of Devastator (Movie)
    Constucticon WarriorYellow BulldozerLeft Hand of Devastator (Movie)

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